Top Ten Finds of 2006

Ace Wasmer
CS Buckle

Dave in SC
Slave Tag

Brian Southern Treasures

WV Diggers
Alabama Seal Tongue Buckle

GW Silver Cufflink

Don in Virginia
CS Tongue and Wreath

Research Captain
1652 Oak Tree Shilling

Rusty TN
Etched Steamboat Gold Ring

Hank Phillips
1662 Oak Tree 2 Pence

Mike WV
GW Inaugural Button

Other Finds Receiving at Least One Vote

Tim MO
1847 10 Doallr Gold

Walter Riddle
Diamond Ring

Panther Mike
CS Buckle

Bob MS
Trade Silver Piece

Steve ID
5.9 Oz Gold Nuggett

Forida Snowbird
5 Dollar Gold Piece Ring

John Digs VA
Militia Buckle

Joe MD
1 Dollar Gold

Seeker (AK)
Copper Culture Items

Spanish Gold Coin

John in Wilmington
NC HMA Button

Mark TN
Heavy Gold Chain