How to create a profile to post on the forums

Please read instructions below, then click on the link below them to create your profile directly from this page

You can also click on the Create / Edit Profile link on any forum to create or edit your  profile..

  1. If you are creating a profile for the first time, just enter your user name you want to post as, don't enter your real name unless that is really the name you want as user name.  (do not enter a password, one will be emailed to you)
  2. After entering your user name, click the  Edit profile box which will take you to the email address page
  3. Enter your email address twice in the boxes provided and click save profile.
  4. A password will be emailed to your specified email, so make sure you use a valid email address. if you do not get it within 10 or 15 minutes check your spam email, (make sure your spam filter allows email from
  5. If you wish to change the depot supplied password to one of your own,  click on the forgot password link on any forum, again a email will be sent to validate that password change
when you create your profile it will be moderated and your posts may not show up right away, you will also be unable to send email messages without making at least one post and allowing us to set your profile to unmoderated.
So do not attempt to send email through the forums until you make a post and see it show up on one of the forums.. This is done to prevent spammers and scammers from just being able to create a profile and scam people or post bad content

If you lose your password use the forgot password link on any forum to reset it,  you will get a confirmation email that you must click the validation link to reset password within 1 hour

Your profile will not appear in the profile list until you make a post on that particular forum.

If attempting to create a profile and its saying profile already exists, please read the entire error page, it will say profile is in use by someone else or you already have a profile with your email address under a different user name, and will tell you what name that email is assigned to.. you just need to reset password.. see above

If you are trying to create one that someone else has already used ( in that case try using another name), or you previously posted on a forum using a password or previously created a profile. In the latter case you will need your password reset to post,  see above.

 Click Here to Create your Profile