Top Ten Finds of 2003

Mountain Man's
Soldiers Gold Ring
found at North South Hunt
Mountain Man's Gold Ring
Peter Eles
Double Stamped Slave Tag

Peter Eles Slave Tag
CS plate
CSA Plate
Tom's order log of
brig. general W.H. Seward 
Order Book
Larry Carver
Ohio breast plate
Ohio Breast Plate
Scott in Mass
Fugio cent
Fugio Cent
Celtic gold coin

George's Celtic Gold Coin
Beau in Mass
Massachusetts silver
Mass Silver
Vermont I.D. tag
ID Tag
Lynn R
Corps badge
Company Insignia

Other 2003 Finds Receiving Top Ten Votes

Don in NJ
King George
Indian Peace Medal

Don NJ Peace Medal
Jim West
Sword Belt Plate

Jim West Plate
Brett Ga
Early Navy Button

Brett Ga Navy Button
Steve NH
George Washington Button

Steve P NH GW Button
Brian Woodard
Cut Mass Silver

Woody's Cut Mass silver
Continental USA Button

Brandy's USA Button
Ray in N California
20 Dollar Gold

Ray NO CA 20 dollar gold
Gold and Diamond Ring

Casper's Gold Ring
Early Cross Belt Plate

CC Hunters Cross Belt Plate
Early Navy Button

Dennis' Navy Button
Rocky Ga.
Diplomatic Button

Rocky Ga Diplomatic Button
Roy in MN
Gold, Emerald
and Diamond Ring

Roy MN Gold Ring
Early Navy Button

CC's Navy button
Lucky Larry's Cache
of Seated Halfs

Lucky Larrys Half dollar cache