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The GNRS Hunt (Grand National Relic Shootout) is held in the fall of each year, usually a weekend in mid October to mid November.
This hunt consist of several teams of certain detector manufacture. Each team member must use the detector of the team he
enters the raffle to be chosen for. The teams are selected a year in advance, sign ups occurring after Thanksgiving into December
for the following years hunt. Participants are chosen by raffle of names of all that entered that particular teams raffle sign up.
If chosen for a team the fee is 300.00 or as specified. The hunt runs three days, a Friday through Sunday on actual unplanted relic sites.
It is a friendly competition between the different brands, with the winning team receiving the GNRS trophy for the year leading up to
the next hunt. The top scorer from each team automatically returns free to that team they were members of in the following year.
For  more information visit the GNRS forum link above and read the information links from there. Sign up dates are
posted a few weeks in advance and also sent to anyone who has added their email address to The Treasure Depot Hunts email list.

This hunt is held in the spring, usually mid March to mid April. Originally set up to be two teams of northern and southern hunters
as a friendly competition between the north and south. It has evolved to be a non competitive hunt held on actual unplated sites for
three days Friday thru Sunday. The raffles for the following years hunt members is held after the current hunt.
If chosen the fee is 300.00 or as specified each year,  see the North South forum for more details.
Dates for sign up are posted a few weeks in advance and are also sent out through The Treasure Depot Hunts email list