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The Treasure Depot and its Staff will not be held responsible for the content of any messages posted.

Posters are solely responsible for the content of their own messages

The Treasure Depot is a public forum open to viewing and posting from all internet users unless banned
for any of the reasons below. Try to make posts that are acceptable viewing for all age groups.

We at the Depot try to allow as much open posting as possible,  however some rules must be made and enforced, and most are simple common sense.

The Treasure depot and its staff reserves the right to ban anyone causing trouble on any forum, or for any other reason we see fit, including
threatening emails to the site owner or keeper.

General Rules:

No profanity or posting of pornographic images will be tolerated on any of the forums.
A bit more leeway is given to the OTF, but making  questionable posts there are also
subject to deletion and posters being banned. Do Not try to get around the depot
censor by adding characters in the middle of words. You may think its funny,
but  might not be so funny if your IP gets banned or user profile is moderated for repeated  abuse of this or any rule.

No posting pictures of, or derogatory posts involving others family members will be allowed. Period

No posting derogatory messages of those banned or those that do not post on these forums
and are unable to defend themselves in any forum.

Users are not to post using other posters names and or email addresses, doing so can and will subject your post
to deletion and you to being banned.

If you choose to use an invalid email address, your message will be subject to deletion regardless of content.
Do not complain if your message is deleted when posting questionable material with an invalid email addresses.

You must uncheck the receive replies by email box if you choose to post and use a no spam email address.
If you do not uncheck the email reply box and use an invalid email address the post will be deleted regardless of content.

If you use a valid email and wish to get email replies, then you must allow email from
in your email anti spam or preference programs. When you use an invalid email and request replies, all you do is slow down and create unnecessary errors on the server, and those posts will  be subject to deletion, and moderation of user profile.

No  buy, sell or trade messages will be allowed on any forums other than the classifieds.
No linking to eBay auctions are allowed on any of the classified forums, for the purpose of sales, it is allowable to ID an object.
If you want to sell your detector, use the classifieds, most people looking for detectors or accessories
will be searching eBay as well, and will more than likely have seen your item already.
If you see a wanted ad for an item you are selling on eBay, email that user, do not post links,
posting these link uses up space and bandwidth reserved for depot buyer/sellers

Dealer classifieds are for Depot sponsors only, any other posts other than replies to a dealer ad or posts to request info or items from a sponsor will be deleted and the poster subject to banning if  abuse of this rule continues.