Posting Multiple Images with the NEW PRO Forums

The new scripts allow for an upload of all single images up to 5MB in size, and it will resize the image for you to a maximum or 1000 pixels wide
However the bigger the file the more time for uploads it will take
if you know how to do basic image editing its better to do resizing before uploads and it will be much faster for you

Screen shot of post new message

Notice the upload embedded file browse button

press the browse button to select image from your computer or phone
it will look something like this

While it is uploading you will see this, wait for upload to finish and it will reload the html for your image in the message box for you

Here is an example of one image upload with text above it

In this example  it shows that you can type text between each image upload
the best way is to type your text for first image and move cursor to the next line then upload 1st image,
after upload you can move to next line and type more text and upload 2nd image etc

When you are done you can click preview to make sure all your images show before clicking the post button

You can also just use the optional image filename style upload if only posting  a single image