How to crop and resize images for uploading

Open your raw image with your photo editor, in this case I am using Irfanview which is available free at
Other editors should have the same functions, however they may be in different pull downs. For simple editing Irfanview
is a good program that is both free and small in size

with picture open in editor put your mouse on the starting point you want to crop, (you may have to zoom out to get the part of the image you want to crop on the screen if you are taking images bigger than your screen resolution) then hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the opposite side and stop, in the example below I stopped half way just to how the drag box

Next pic shows crop box stopped where I want to crop out image, (simply release the mouse button when you get it squared up where you want to be) and pull down selected at crop. in some editors the crop function may be in another pull down

After selecting the crop your image may look like this, as you can see its still really too big for posting so the next step is resizing

Find the resize option in one of your pull downs

You will get something like this, just retype over the width or height not both!, make sure the preserve aspect is checked and only change one dimension, the editor will select the correct other dimension on its own so it wont distort the image

In the case below I simply typed in 350 in the width box which made it 350x317 pixels

After cropping and resizing you want to save the edited picture, if you don't it will revert back to the original size!

select save as in the file pull down

Then rename the image and select the folder or location on your hard drive to save it..
You can then use the depot uploaders to post your pic.

In this case I named the picture button1 and  jpg as the type and saved to desktop to make it easy to find when I want to upload it.
the file name would be button1.jpg after saving, some editors will default to capitols on the type so make sure you type it in capitols on the post.
IE. button1.JPG