1. Who may sell on the classifieds?
  2. Am I a dealer?
  3. What may I sell?
  4. How do I ensure a safe transaction and not get ripped off?
  5. How can I sell my item fast and for the best price?
  6. Miscellaneous Tips and suggestions

Who may sell on the classifieds?

Anyone that is not classified by the Treasure Depot as a dealer or any dealer that pays monthly to advertise on the Treasure Depot may place items up for sale on the Treasure Depot Classifieds.

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Am I a dealer?

This is a hotly debated question but in the context of this classifieds forum you are a dealer if you buy or sell items strictly to make a profit That is not to say that you cannot make a profit on what you sell, that just means that you may not post items for sale if you obtained them specifically to make a profit on. We also classify a dealer to be anyone that is in the business either full time or part time to sell any of the items that we allow to be sold here. Why do we have this rule? We have this rule in place to protect the paying sponsors of this site. Without our sponsors there would be no site.

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What may I sell?

You may sell anything related to the hobby of metal detecting either directly or within reason, indirectly. If you have any doubt about whether your item is allowed, just e-mail us and we will make the judgment. We do not allow the sale of firearms or live ammunition.

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How do I ensure a safe transaction and not get ripped off?

The Treasure Depot Classifieds is only a venue that helps brings sellers and buyers together. We are not responsible in anyway for how a buyer or seller may represent themselves or their items. Use caution when buying and selling with someone you don't know. Most of the people here on the classifieds are fine honest people however we have no control over the character of a person that chooses to sell or buy here. Some suggestions for a safe buying/selling transaction are as follows:

(1) Use PayPal or another credit card payment service

(2) Use an Escrow Service such as

(3) Be sure to get all the information you can about a seller BEFORE you send them money. Ask them if they use EBAY. If so, ask for their username and go check their feedback.

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How can I sell my item fast and at the best price?

(1) Be descriptive! Give as much of a description about your item as possible. Describe condition, functionality, and another other pertinent information.

 (2) Include pictures of your item, people like to see what they are buying. You have a much better chance selling an item if you include pictures. 

(3) State shipping charges and methods up front. Buyers want to know right up front what they are going to be charged for shipping. Some people will pass up an ad if you omit this information.

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Miscellaneous tips and suggestions from our patrons

(1) One of the ways that people can feel more secure about buying and selling on the forum is encouraging people to sign up and verify their accounts with PayPal.  I sell a lot of different items on eBay because so many people use PayPal and when you deal with a verified PayPal user, you have fraud protection.  PayPal even "verifies" their shipping address to cut down on possible fraud.  And, since people can pay with a credit card or direct from their checking account, you have more payment options.  I know that a lot of your forum users already use PayPal, but if sellers on the forum had a "Verified PayPal Member" logo next to their name, I know that I would feel a lot more secure.  You could probably get PayPal to let you designate them as the "preferred online payment service."  

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