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Image Submission Info

General Rules for submitting an image of your buttons to the Depot Button Book Project.

I may develop a file upload that will allow you to directly upload an image for submission to the depot, but for now email or posting will be it.
I will be adding a link at the top of the relic forum to the latest request posts.

Below are examples of what we need and what to try not to do. I know different cameras do different things, lighting is probably the most important of all.
Just use the things below for reference, and do the best you can, not trying to make this a course in pic taking :)
remember we will do the editing of your images, so don't get thinking I cant do this, we just want you to take the best image you can in the correct sizes..

This pic is 750 x 750 that's OK, we can resize it and crop out excess border if needed, because the button itself is greater than 400 pixels in width and height

This is same pic I resized to 300 x 300  meet the pages needs.. I am thinking 300 x 300 should be good, but may go as high as 400 x 400 for the full sized images
in the gallery, that's why I would like the actual button size to be at least 400 pixels.
Notice the shadow, This is OK, but if possible try to get as much light source as you can from different angles, notice the shadow had to be cropped out to make image size.

 a good example is on the right, with little shadow taken with light source more directly over head.
Sunlight is the best, but sometimes causes glare. On a bright day you can take a pretty good pic in the  shade where there's still enough light and you wont get much shadow.


Remember we have to create thumbnails, so if we use an image too small you wont be able to see details on the main button pages without opening the main pic.
Here is the above right image resized to 120 x 120 thumb sized, notice you can still make out most detail. this would be the image you see on the gallery, and clicking it would take you to its larger version where there would be text indicating finder name and location found if desired, size, backmark, and other pertinent info.

A couple things we want you to try to stay away from:.

This pic is taken too far away, while the image itself is good sized, the button is less than 300 pixels, which will require resizing larger to be consistent with other images

here's what it looks like after trying to correct it for image size, notice the bluriness, and at lower resolutions would have been worse

We don't want this.. this ones a bit carried away, but even little tiny hairs in the background show up well in macros of this size, so before taking a pic of that pretty button, try and wipe away as much debris as possible from the background.
Anyway where are  those little tiny hairs coming from? :)

 This pic again is OK, but it has a full shank and is hard to get a straight on shot with the camera, so it takes taking the shot from an angle and that sometimes causes longer  shadows in the background as well as shadows on the face of the button

Here's is what I do to get a straight on shot, use a pin through the background felt through the loop, and actually I can photoshop the pin right out of the image before resizing and it wont be noticeable at all..

Here's is the above recropped, resized and edited a  bit, not the best work, but you get my drift..