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The Treasure Depot and its Staff will not be held responsible for the content of any messages posted.

Posters are solely responsible for the content and the items they sell in their own posts

Please state in your auction style listings the time and date auction ends.. maximum of 7 days per auctiom

 It is forbidden to sell or auction anything related to metal detectors. No metal detecting books, cd's, shovels, scoops, coils, display cases, or anything related to what our dealers "sponsors" may sell. Use our classifieds for this purpose.

 This forum can be used to sale your finds, crafts, house, golf clubs, vehicle, or anything non related to metal detectors!

 It is forbidden to sell fire arms, ammunition, or  weapons of any kind that are not considered relics and unusable.
 No Pornographic items of any kind, and nothing considered illegal in any state

 This forum will be set up just like our classifieds. If you want to auction something you create a posrt as a listing, and you must also state what the starting bid or buy it now price will be. If you auction and want a minimun reserve, use that reserve price as a starting price  as you are required to follow through on any sale at any price to the highest bidder.

 To bid on an auctioned item, simply respond to the post as if you were on any of the Depot forums. If you are listing something for sale, simply put what you want for the item. To purchase, simply respond like any of our other forums.

 The Depot will not be responsible for anyone getting ripped off. It has never been a issue on this website cause I like to make these types of folks famous. Do what is right. If someone wants to buy something you have listed, make sure you get paid first especially if its someone you do not know. This is the internet folks.

 All payments for an auctioned or for sale item will be between the seller and the buyer. The Treasure Depot will not be responsible for any geals gone bad.