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 GNRS is an acronym for the Grand National Relic Shootout. The GNRS is an annual relic hunt founded by Larry Cissna in 1998. Teams consist of individuals using their preferred brand of  Detector, in an organized competitive relic hunt. The number of members on each team may change year-to-year due to site circumstances. Presently the teams stand at 16 members each. The hunt takes place on a real, un-seeded, relic site.
   The purpose of the GNRS is to promote the hobby of metal detecting, and provide fellowship among detectorists from all facets of the hobby. The GNRS is managed by a committee who plans and organizes the hunt each year. The committee is set up to be flexible and the committee membership may change as the need arises;  however, the core of the board is composed of three members: Larry Cissna serves as the GNRS committee chairman, Jim Yates is the GNRS Committee Secretary.  Each of these committee members have specific duties, that they perform to bring about the event.  As the hunt evolves, other members may be added as needed to help the committee produce the GNRS event in an organized and efficient manner. All appointments to the committee will be made by the GNRS founder, and Chairman, Larry Cissna. Use the following links for other info


How to get on a team for the GNRS and 2009 sign up dates

Current 2009 GNRS Team Rosters

GNRS Rules

Previous Years hunt info

2006 Results and individual standings

2007 Results and individual standings

2008 Results and individual standings

Any questions concerning the GNRS may be directed to  Larry Cissna