GNRS 2009 sign up procedure, Dates and Rules

 The sign up procedure for getting on a GNRS team has under gone several incarnations since the hunt's inception. During the first two years of the hunt, sign-up was done live over the internet. However, due to the popularity of the hunt, team positions will be filled by a raffle. Registration for this raffle will take place online at The Treasure Depot GNRS Forum.
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   Everyone who wishes to join a team is asked to read the GNRS hunt RULES before registering for a team.

Dates for 2009 Sign-ups

  For all those interested in being a team captain for the  teams being represented at the  2009 GNRS, the date and time for this registration will be Announced soon. Some spots may be filled by top scorers from last years hunt. the teams with a captain spot available will be posted in the sign up post.

  The captains registration is for everyone interested and will not count against your  chance for a spot on a team of choice. However you may only register once and for only one team. Please post your response to Larry Cissna's captain signup post with your full name and the team you wish to be captain of in the subject line of your reply. One special note about  being a team captain. If you make team captain, it will be your responsibility to make sure all  GNRS information gets to everyone on your team. It will be your responsibility to make sure the GNRS knows of any absentees right up to the opening ceremonies before the first day of  the hunt. It is highly recommended to know the machine well of the team you are trying for.

  For the regular team sign-up you will only be allowed to signup for one team this year and only have one chance for registering for the drawing,  you also can not sign up for another person unless OK'ed in advance with the comittee, and only if that person has internet capability and is just unavailable for the signup. We would like everyone on the teams to have their own email addresses and internet capabilty. Anyone caught signing up more then one person without prior permission will have those names as well as their own withdrawn from the lottery.

  You must post with your real full name (no internet nick names) in the subject line of the reply to Larry Cissna's signup post, and a enter valid  email address in the email box or your entry will not be used..

  Its very important your full name and team you are trying for must be posted in the subject line in the reply to Larry Cissna's sign-up post!.. If they are not your entry will not be counted
When Larry Cissna makes the post open his post and click reply,  then erase the words preloaded into the subject line and type in your full name. this way we can see all the posters full names  without opening the posts..
  Larry Cissna prints out the list of replies which shows the subject lines only and this is what he uses to draw the names for the raffle, so if your name is not there your entry wont get in. be sure you enter a valid email address in the regular place in the reply  as after the drawing this is where we will get that info.. no good email no spot on a team!

     The dates for the GNRS 2009 raffles will begin soon. There
     are 7 teams and each day we will hold a raffle for one of the teams,
     starting. Registration posts will be open for 24 hours starting approx 8PM CST
     for each team drawing from time of signup post, any posts after that time will not be used.
     Drawing dates for each team is listed below. 

Team Captains        TBA

Team Garrett TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA
Team Fisher
TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA
Team Whites
TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA
Team Minelab
TBA 8PM thru 8 PM  TBA
Team Tesoro TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA
Team Bounty Hunter TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA
Team Nautilus TBA 8PM thru 8PM  TBA

If you are selected to be on a team, your position on that team will not be official until you complete the registration process, by completing and signing the GNRS entry/release form, and returning it. Release forms and fee due dates will be emailed to team members and posted on the roster page.

2009 Release form Link

The teams as they currently stand