Top Finds of 2004

Joka's Axe Hoard

John Donachies Gold 2 Escuedo

Top Ten Finds

Dennis in Carolina
Slave Tag

Dirt Bike Racer
CSA Buckle

J. Massey
1792 Half Disme

Don Blue
Civil War Silver ID Badge

L Cannon
LA. Buckle

Mountain Rebel
CS Buckle

CC Hunter
Cal. Gold Rush Buckle

Brian Upstate NY
1652 Oak Tree Shilling

Seeker AK
Gold Dedritics sample

Tony Winburn
and Bebo's
Cannon Ball Cache

Other Top Finds Receiving Votes

Don In MA.
1652 Pine Tree Shilling

Hank Phillips
1652 Pine Tree Shilling

Dan Yarusso
1807 Flowing Hair Bust Half

Scott in MA.
George Washington Button

Gary Koger
Manuscript A Buttons

18K Ring with 24 diamonds

LA Button

Wendall Randall
Texas Hat Pin

Wayne Williams
100 Pound Parrot Shell

Walter LI
Gold Pendant

Brent Vancouver
2000 BC Axe Head

Marc Godwin
One Piece SC Button

Peter Eles
CS C Button

1803 small 8 bust half dime

AZ Boy
5 Dollar Gold Piece

Dave in CT
1600's Indian Trade Arrow

Wedding Ring Set

Yankee Locket

Lucky Larry
3rd Regt of Foot Button

Dave in CA
Lafayette Guard Button

MR in LA.
12 pound Blakely Shell

SC Digger
CS C Button

Coin Picker
Gold Cross with 120 Stones

Bill Ladd
Brockage Error
on 1817 Large Cent

Don S Jersey
1796 Large Cent

Marc NB
Toy Cannon

John Angus
1790 Pillar Dollar

17th Corps Badge