The 2001 Top Ten Winners!

Listed in no particular order! That means that they all are equal.

Congratulations to all who entered. All finds were worthy of being a winner however we had the difficult task of picking only ten.


3 ct. diamond solitaire set in platinum. replacement value of $12,000.00 found by Garry Brendle in a Texas Lake

Slave Tag found by Tom Spence (78862 bytes)

Revolutionary War artillery officers sward belt tip
plate found by Tim Knapp (77876 bytes)

Civil War Calvary Badge found 3/10/2001 by Lynn Routzahn (35821 bytes)

Confederate Script R button. Found March 2001 by John Donachie (54391 bytes)

Cache of gold coins found in August, 2001 at a street & sidewalk construction site near Green Bay, WI. by Mark "Duke" Brodhagen (82120 bytes)

2 Quarter Eagles found  by Richard Yanishak in
Pennsylvania on September 5,2001 (70469 bytes)

C.S. (egg style) plate-Army of TN
dug on 5/30/01 here in Tupelo,Ms by Bob Shumpert (15756 bytes)

Mexican Staff Officer's Button
found by Karen King (61178 bytes)

Civil War Badge found by John Hitt (27383 bytes)