Submitted Articles

(1) Shallow Water Detecting
By L.W. Steve

(2) Detecting In The Surf  
By Ozzie Osborne

(3) Lost Ring Returned
By  Harold in  R.I

(4) 2 Quarter eagles Found!!
By Richard Yanishak

(5) Rare C.S.Belt Plate Found
By Bob Shumpert

(6) Found! Civil War Badge!
By John Hitt

(7) Found! Rare Mexican Button! 
By Karen King

(8)Found! Script "R" Button!
By John Donachie

(9) Finding And Searching Colonial Homesites
By Bill D.(VA)

Lots & Lots of Images to load well but worth it!

(10) Touching History
By Lynn Routzahn

(11) Maximizing Your Finds
By Allen Morgan

(12) Found! Bomber Crash Site!
By Timothy Adams

(13) Constance
A Story in Two Chapters
by Mike Stansbery

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