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Summer 2001


Summer Issue # 8

Detecting Dept's

It's summer time here in the states and most of us eagerly wait the cooler days of fall to resume detecting away from the blazing sun, the bush, and the bugs! In the meantime on the days you are not out hunting you can enjoy this issue of the TD magazine as well as all the great back issues :) - JT

Nugget Hunting                By Richard Delahanty

Detecting In The Surf        By Ozzie Osborne

Shallow Water Detecting    By L.W. Steve

Coin Shooting                   By Bill Revis

Bottle Digging                   By Mike King

Submitted Articles

A Day of Digging Privies         By Tom in IL  
Confederate "Eagle" button     By Greg Sites
Protecting Your Detector        By JeffT
CIVIL WAR GOLD          By Bill Dancy

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