Issue # 5

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On this months cover is Larry Cissna,  (TR). He is 37 years old and has a lovely wife Chris and two boys, Wyatt 3 years, and Jake 11 months old. He has been self employed  for the last 12 years as a printer.  Larry, aka "TR", or "Texas Rebel" is the original founder of the Treasure Depot and the very successful GNRS event.

Nugget Hunting              Richard Delahanty
Detecting In The Surf     Ozzie Ozborne                
Civil War Relic Hunting    Larry Cissna                
Coin Shooting              Bill Revis    
Shallow Water Detecting    L.W. Steve                   TR  has been detecting for 14 years, and has loved every minute of it. He hunts mainly civil war camps and earlier and has a special love (and knack) for finding virgin sites.

Hope you enjoy this great layout of Civil War battlefield photographs taken by Rick Martin.

Other dept's
Bottle Digging                       Tom in IL  
Upcoming Events                      The Staff  
Find Of The Month               The Staff  

Latest Depot News
The time for the GNRS is fast approaching! Lot's of great finds will be made. We are planning on updates from the field as well as a future issue of the Depot magazine with a  full feature layout of  GNRS 2000 Stay tuned!

Submitted Articles
CS Plate found!                By Lamar White
Blood, Guts and Haircuts   By Donna Trefry

A Little Piece Of History   By Charles (UK)

 Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit.
~ R.E. Shay ~

Memories of the Past        By Rick Martin   

Don't miss this great article written by Donna Trefry. It is a historical look at her families impact on the English Civil Wars. Great information and excellent pictures too!

From The Depot                              JeffT

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