Issue # 4


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On this months cover is Daniel Camacho known
to us on the Depot forums as "Hardtack."
Hardtack has been relic hunting for about three years around Texas and Arizona. Recently he moved from Texas to Virginia with his wife 

Nugget Hunting           Richard Delahanty
Detecting In The Surf        Ozzie Ozborne                
Civil War Relic Hunting       Larry Cissna                
Coin Shooting                     Bill Revis    
Shallow Water Detecting         L.W. Steve                    who is in the military and his son. When I asked people for information on Daniel to use in this bio I heard many praises. I decided to print a testimonial that I received because it speaks not only for Daniel but many people I have met in this hobby. The cover shows Tack hunting behind the Guard shack of a post civil war fort in Arizona....Editor
Other dept's
Bottle Digging                       Tom in IL  
Upcoming Events                      The Staff  
Find Of The Month               The Staff

Latest Depot News
The Depot as well as the Magazine has undergone changes lately.  We are anticipating great things for future issues including a full feature layout of  GNRS 2000 sometime in December or January.  Stay tuned!

Submitted Articles
Submitted by our readers :)
More Q's Than A's           By Mike Vande Voort

A Little Piece Of History   By Tim Knapp

 Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.   ~Thomas A. Edison

One More Signal                By Larry Cissna
Don't miss a great article written by Mike Vande Voort about finding a beautiful Union issue Civil War cartridge box breastplate!

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