JUNE 2000
Issue # 3


Detecting Dept's

On this months cover is  Richard Delahanty from Sunny CA. Richard writes our monthly nugget hunting column.  Bought his  first metal detector, a White's in 1981 from Sears. He bought his first gold detector in '91 and got hooked on electronic gold prospecting and that has been his main passion ever since. 

Richard Delahanty

Nugget Hunting           Richard Delahanty
Detecting In The Surf        Ozzie Ozborne                
Civil War Relic Hunting       Larry Cissna                
Coin Shooting                     Bill Revis    
Shallow Water Detecting         L.W. Steve                   Richard hit a patch last Easter (1999) and picked up
over 50 ounces in two days!
He  is presently working the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California during the summer months. Last summer he picked up 43 nuggets in that area making for a little over 2 ounces and  he hopes to better than that this summer!
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Bottle Digging                          Tom in IL  
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Sergei Antonov

Sergei Antonov has written a great article this month about Hunting in Russia with Valetin and his other hunting buddys. Read about their cache
 recovery & more!
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Good Humor                     Royal Ottmar
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Submitted Articles
A Pictorial Of Virginia            By Tom Farmer
3 days on a field in Russia  By Sergei Antonov

..............  Quest For The Phoenix !  ..............

Phoenix Buttons                  By Jason Josheph 
Jason Joseph talks about his passion for Phoenix Buttons. In his article he includes pictures as well as explains the history and origin of the Phoenix Button.


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