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On This months cover is AL(GA) Al started out detecting about 23 years ago in his home town of Macon, Georgia to supplement his growing coin collection. When he moved to Arizona and visited a local gold prospecting show he was

Nugget Hunting        Richard Delahanty
Detecting In The Surf      Ozzie Ozborne                
Civil War Relic Hunting    Larry Cissna                
Coin Shooting                  Bill Revis   
Shallow Water Detecting     L.W. Steve                     hit with a bad case of "gold fever" He has now moved back to his home state and lives in the North Georgia mountains.... From the States to England to where ever adventure leads, he is ready! (Photo is of Al Detecting an English field)

Bottle Digging                       Tom in IL

Upcoming Events                The Staff

Don't miss Ernest's excellent article on buttons in his monthly Revolutionary War column.

Good Humor                  Royal Ottmar

A Different Perspective    By Debbie Jones

The Internet for Research     By Bill Dancy

This month we have the privilege of enjoying an  article by Nick Cox, known on the Depot as Nick (in England). Don't miss a fantastic story as well as some great pictures of his finds.

Historical Button              By Larry Cissna 
He Cried                     By Rick Mc Donald

Caching In                                  By JeffT
Detecting English Style          By Nick Cox
From The Depot                         JeffT

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