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David Kulp, who goes by the name Dig'in in Va on the Depot. David lives in Orange County Virginia and has been detecting mostly in central & northern Virginia for about 10 years. He is pictured here kneeling

Nugget Hunting        Richard Delahanty
Detecting In The Surf      Ozzie Ozborne                
Civil War Relic Hunting    Larry Cissna                
Coin Shooting                  Bill Revis   
Shallow Water Detecting     L.W. Steve                     next to his 1986 Chevy 4X4 pickup. Although David has nothing to hide, with a license plate like "DIGN CSA" you can assume it doesn’t get parked in places without permission. Definitely not near National Park property!

Bottle Digging                    Tom in IL

Upcoming Events             The Staff

Don't miss Richards monthly column on nugget hunting! learn how to locate and recover gold nuggets!

Good Humor               Royal Ottmar

Token Bonanza!                  Mike Ellis

Less Than A Hour    Mike Vande Voort

Camp Bowie? Read all about the discovery of this Civil War Encampment, the finds made there and about a memorable hunt with a good friend.

Camp Bowie             Larry Cissna (TR)
Follow Them Backhoes  Jason Joseph

Some super finds made by the author on one of his outings to Camp Bowie. Click on the pic to read the whole story!

Detecting Virginia             David Kulp   

From The Depot                      JeffT Found !
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