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This Forum will be used to post your best finds for the current year Please use the graphic upload inside the post form to upload a single image and not the regular multi image upload to post them. I will not delete images from the graphic upload directory, but I do delete them from the multi image upload directory, so if you wish your image to remain viewable for the year use the upload form in the post. If you wish to post more than one image of your find, make another post as a reply or new post. At the end of of this year, the 10 top posters will be asked to vote by email to pick the top ten finds of the given year in three catagories, relics, coins and rings. Prizes may or may not be given to the finders. You may enter only one find for the year in each catagory, but may post more than one find of each through out the year as you find one you think is better. At the end of the year you must tell me which find you want to be entered and I will delete the others before voting begins. Prizes (if any) will be announced after the voting.

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