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Volusia County Florida parks off limits to metal detecting

Volusia County parks has publicly changed its webpage to prohibit metal detecting in its parks. Keep in mind that people have detected in these parks for years with no problem. Our club hunted in on in Daytona last month and even talked to the county employee there with no problem. This all stemmed from a member doing the right thing and asking if metal detecting was permissible in their parks. Below is the response he got back.

" Thank you for your email. Metal detecting is not allowed in county parks. Here is some back ground information that may be helpful regarding the establishment of this position. First, some of the county park lands have archeological and historical significance. Funding used to acquire some of these lands have been provided by state and/or federal agencies. These agencies typically require the county to protect these lands and the archeological/historical assets on them. It is further defined in Florida Statute 267.13 Prohibited practices; penalties. Also, any items found on these lands are the property of the owner and would be required to be returned to the area in which it was found.

Secondly, in our parks, there are many open play areas used by the general public to participate in various recreational activities. For example throwing a base ball with their child, kicking a soccer ball or walking their dog etc. Irresponsible metal detecting can cause dirt mounds or holes in the turf that result in a safety hazard. The allowance of this activity would place the county at increased risk.

I have had various conversations with citizens who have requested to metal detect on our park lands. Some state that they won't dig and will just retrieve items on the surface. In practice, this has not been the case.

For the reasons stated above, metal detecting is not allowed in County parks. Although this is posted in some of our more highly sensitive lands, I will post it on our county web site to better inform the public of this policy.

If I can assist you further please let me know. Thank you!

I have see where as a metal detecting community we have changed the way these government people think. Maybe if you have a chance to send an email or a phone call it could help the situation. One of the county parks listed is the most popular hunting spot at Daytona Beach, Sunsplash Park.
The contact info is
Tim Baylie

202 N. Florida Ave., DeLand, Fl 32720

(386) 736-5953

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