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Thanks 2pea! I put a lot of time in just watching these spots..

The spot here I'm sure has many more gold rings, been on this place since 2015 when it was real good..50 plus gold rings in that year.. gold everywhere, one end to the other..things were changing so quick then .. it was a HOT beach. But since then very slow, maybe 10 gold a year if that, and the changes were very slow, almost seemed if it was stuck in flat and sanded in for 3 years. Now it's back to changing quick but I'm just seeing treasure in one area. Learning the habits, cycles and knowing when to slow down and be aware.

Just went thru all of my post from 2015....a few good hunts from the 50 plus I found that year at this spot.. I need to check out the other beach's I did good at that year I see now.;id=282165;id=283267;id=278835

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