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Ring Daddy #29.. And my first silver half's of the year!

Did a long hunt Wednesday, got there around 1:30 pm and hunted till a little after 6 pm. Figured I would miss the rush hour traffic if I hunted till 6.....nope.

The past week has really opened my eyes to how fast a place can change. The ocean I can see with the brutal waves but the bay, just not normal. The spot where I found the red stone gold ring Saturday...all of the sand is gone..washed away and now only shells. You would think that would be good but the area is just holding small targets. Today tides (Wednesday) were in my favor and dropped to where I could get deep to the sweet spot which I did end up spending most of the time there. Total, I ended up with six silver coins, one sterling medallion, and rare for me 10k cameo ring. Only my 3rd in 5 years of hunting the bays old beach's. Both the Cameo and Half's were a nice surprise.

A question I have on the half's, were they dropped by the same person, since they were less then a few feet away when found, or did they get pushed in together? This spot is really giving me questions, hopefully the more I go, the more I can answer them. Be back there Friday evening for the 6 pm lowtide, NW winds will make it possible.

Everything was crusty and stained..

Cleaned up, this picture tells all for hunting here...Brass, Silver lead to gold. I find any of these I hit the brakes, Learned from my old friend MikeGuard.

Worse ring I've ever had to clean, took me a hour..tooth brush, polish, blow out with compressor, wiped down, then detailing cameo..

Love seeing the Angels fly over...

Recent years Cameo's
2017 then 2015 which "was" my favorite...the one found in 2015 I found a small purse that had contained 3 coins from the 1888 era along with the cameo ring..., guessing it was dated to that period.;id=277153

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