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Thanks Bay Pirate! On the GPS data..

Amazing it helps sometimes. Like yesterday I had my tracks from last thursdays hunt and I wanted to see where both compared for I had questions. Last thursday did I miss all of these targets or did I go out beyond (deeper) where I was last week..never felt one hole, so did they fill in that fast?

Answer, they filled in with no signs, and I was right in the same spot. So did the coins get pushed in or was the sand removed to expose them. From what I can tell they were pushed in and deeper targets were covered, sand was deeper this trip before I hit the crunchy shell/sand mix. The gold ring was the first target of the day, and was in sand it got pushed in also...

Going back today to see how things have changed in close, water looks like its maybe low but not sure if I can get into the deep area this trip. Each trip out I learn a little more about these beach's, each having it's own ways.

The good...crab pots are out now so I can relate to them now for the positions of the good areas.

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