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Some gold to start the year...

So I figured I'd start posting finds again. Maybe put up some of the better hunts from time to time. I'll leave out the unproductive ones...God knows we all have them. So this goes back to the first two hunts in January.

Some finds like gold rings and modern coins have been hard to come by this year for me. However it always seems in this hobby where something is lacking then something surges!!! This year it's gold charms and pendants. I will post the finds in order of when they were found.

So here are finds from my first two hunts back in January. The sheathing nails are from shipwrecks. Each hunt gave up a silver earring and a piece of gold. The earring is 18k 1.7 grams and the cross is 10k also 1.7 grams. Enjoy,Harry

Here are the finds good and bad from both hunts:

These are saltwater hunts.

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