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Ring Daddy #27 A nice surprise....

This spot I've checked every month for the last 2 years. Most of the time it's bleak, but after getting 3 gold rings there the other day I wanted to go back and double check what I had seen when I did a quick scan of the place on Thursday in "CLOSE". What I found was very few targets, a few sinkers, one buff, and some brass. Rare for this spot is to find gold in line with the sinkers, but today was different. dug three sinkers then just a few feet away I would have sworn another, but it was a nice 10.25 gram red stone gold ring. I have video but unfortunately it gives the location away with the back ground, land markers. I was able to slip out deep to the cut where I found the gold thursday but it's just to deep. I was on my tippy toes..not safe. So I await the lower tides...

The 10k gold was badly stained...

Funny, in the video I get upset at myself. It took me close to 9 minutes to dig this target. I did measure the depth with my scoop, about 14 to 15 inch's but it was a big wide crater...very sad PPing on my part.

I love Red stone rings, most likely a garnet.

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