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Ring Daddy's # 24, #25, #26........ Old Gold....

Thanks Jim

Was able to slip out today for a few hours, been a rough 6 weeks but "slowly" getting all back to normal. Taking that much time off really disconnects you with the conditions and I was just Blessed to be able to walk out and find a nice cut.

As soon as I hit the water I knew something was off, knowing this spot I could feel and hear things that were not normal. The change I've seen before lead me to think check deep. Sure enough there was a drop off and I was able to slip in and snag a few nice oldies. Targets were faint, few and deep. First target of the day, a small 10k black stone gold ring. A little later just a disruption of the threshold signal turned out to be a nice 6 gram 1947 class ring, then about 90 minutes into the hunt Bam! A 1930 10 gram class ring. The class ring had lost it's front emblem but I found one several weeks ago and who knows, maybe I found the ring this time?? Only silver this trip was a 1943 war nickel...

Luck had it I was able to catch all on video..a short video of each in the order they were found, and with no hint of the location.

All the gold was very stained...

Tried to clean the small gold ring but it was so fragile I stopped to keep it from breaking.

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