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A message to Foiled again Jim, OBN, Mark, Harry and Nick

OBN: Wow, nice collection of HEAVY gold rings you've posted recently. Real beauties! Seems like every other ring is a big old class ring. All I can say is WOW!
Foiled again Jim: Your book drew me to this forum and I miss your posts. I hope all is well with you. Tho we never met, I consider you my idol in this hobby based on your story telling skills.
Mark: Much congratulations on the gold coin find. So, so cool to find one of those, especially in the Midwest where we don't have the same history as out East. Super nice find!
Nick: Everything o.k.? You haven't posted for a while. Hope you are well.
Harry: I miss seeing your micro posts and the 1,000 coins you find when you are in dry sand mode. Please consider posting again.

I've only been out a few times lately and found some silver coins and rings. Getting really cold up here, not sure how much time we have left.


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