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Ring Daddy #58 #59 #60 #61 #62 #63 #64 #65 #66 First two hunts at the Honey Hole

Seems every year I come across one really good location that gives me a boost on the gold, and this comes from constantly watching spots. This years location was a little different, a few years ago Scott, Captain Rockfish and I headed out to a couple spots I had researched. The first beach we stopped at was 2 hours of Bleakness, so we decided to try the second beach but as I was headed to Captain Rockfishs boat,... I got talking to a guy in a small boat who asked how we did. I informed him the best was a silver quarter. He preceded to tell me about a hunter several years ago that hunted this beach and did very well. I put that on file in my head and told him thank you for the information and the three pirates headed to the second beach which we did do much better.

Fast forward to 2018.....Scott and I were out hunting and not having to much luck so I told scott lets check out that old beach we hit a few years ago that I had talked to the fisherman. So off we drove and with little light left in the day we had less then two hours to get to it and check it out. Scott went south and I went north once we hit the beach. With in 30 minutes I was waving to Scott come up here, but he was doing the same to I did the walk to see what was up...He had captured a beautiful moonstone gold ring (RD #7 for Scott)...I showed him my booty, one a nice heavy 14k gold band. At that point I told him this place looks good so we loaded up and came back one week later...

First trip to the 2018 Honey Hole.........

The second trip back we did very well.............Scott got two beautiful gold rings, (RD #8 #9) a masonic ring and stunning band.
I walked away with one of my best hunts in years, 7 gold rings, and 12 silvers/sterling in 5 hours!

Nine more hunts to gets better... :)

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