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Very unusual hunt today ...

Went to a beach I've hunted many times and was cleaning up a nail infested area when I got a huge signal. Figured it was an old steel can but I was having a bummer of a time getting it in my scoop so I finally set the scoop next to it and held it against the front with my left foot while raising it to the surface. As it cleared the water it was obviously a zippered black canvas bag. I was thinking it was going to be some fishing tackle but it had a name on the other side when I turned it over. "Lugar" No way! So I opened it up and sure enough it was a Lugar 9 mm semi-automatic. Didn't have a camera with me so I didn't get any photos but here is what it looked like.

It was in pretty good shape and obviously hadn't been there too long. So, thinking it was some kind of fluke that a fisherman had lost his gun out of his boat I just kept hunting. Then about a half an hour later I came across another large signal but was able to get this one in the scoop. Couldn't believe my eyes when "another" Lugar 9 mm semi-automatic was sticking out of my scoop!!

Obviously not a fluke at this point so I wrapped up the hunt and went to the police station. Had to wait for a detective to show up to take all of my information. They will check the serial numbers to see if they were stolen and/or who owns them. Would love to have them but didn't want to have a stolen, or murder weapon in my possession :) HH Mike

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