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No gold last night BUT I did find a silver "grill" and what looks like a War of 1812 button from the British 59th Regiment of Foot!

Went out again last night and though it looked like more sand had come in, there were still some spots where some had been pulled off the slope. I was finding a bunch of clad coins when I got a higher tone I thought might be a quarter or better but it was actually a SILVER Grill! LOL Haven't seen one of those before! I've dug a handful of gold ones in the last few years (and one just 2 weeks ago) but never seen a silver one! It may have been gold plated once but I don't see any evidence of that, must have just been someone who wanted a silver smile rather than a gold one.....

There were a few other interesting pieces...the junk bracelet, a wheat penny and a brass tag with the number 004 on it. At first I thought it might be a cremation tag (and it still could be) but those are usually marked with the crematorium name. Maybe this was a check tag or something for beach gear or from a key.

The best by far was the button. It is in pretty good shape for its age and how long it's been in the drink. It is a one piece button, slightly curved/domed and has what looks like a British crown at the top and the number "59" below. The loop on the back is still intact but I can't see if there are any markings on the back just yet. I'm giving it a soak in some olive oil (it was already starting to dry out) to preserve it and possibly carefully toothpick some of the green crap off the back once it loosens up. Not a bad find! I have gotten other buttons in the past and have a nice pewter 62nd reg of foot button but this one is in MUCH better shape!

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