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Last night's abbreviated hunt was still pretty good, sweet Silver/14K ring! Ring Daddy #18

Hit another spot last night, most of the oceanfront has been getting pounded mercilessly by at least a dozen or more pirates each day! I had to cut my time short as my wife was going to be back home so I did a bit of a "speed" hunt to cover some ground. First tgt was the chain with the medallions on it. Everything looks fake but the rou d onbe is actually a "relic" one hand has a small strip of cloth inside a bead or bubble on the back, must be from a Saint or something. The ring surprised me. It rand up as a 30 on the Equinox so I was figuring poss a quarter or something and was shocked to see gold in the scoop. I thought it might be a junker like the other little one I found but it was just really corroded up silver and the gold look brand new! There may be some marks inside but it's had to tell. I may actually take it to a local jeweler's to see if they can do a professional cleaning on it rather than me do electrolysis or tumble it. Looks like too nice a ring to screw up! Not sure how old it is but looks like it was in there for a while. Pretty heavy too at 4.1 grams (for its size anyway) and you can really feel how much more weight is on the gold end. Calling it Ring Daddy #18 unless anyone has any objections, silver and gold but a pretty one!

One other item was a nice bronze ships nail in with the mix as well and 2 coins, one a 10 kopec and the other I believe is a modern British or Canadian coin.

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