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Talk about bad luck

Went hunting on 4th - got in and out no problems
few days later run to early morning fresh water spot and get in - turn machine on - dead
not a good sign because even if batteries are dead - it will usually make a quick sound (and I had just changed them
and don't think it was on when I went in)- I got silence from it
drive home - pop open - saltwater - batteries exploded - don't know if it can be saved
luckily - I have 2 back ups - go over them and check batteries cause I had few day trip planned
machine #1 is my "hot" machine and goes deeper than other 2 - they are all CZ21s but each one
works different and sound different than the other - don't know why
Go out on Sun. and get a quick gold band with back up #2 - heading back in for a break - ironically - lower rod breaks
plastic got thin and weak where push buttons are on rod and cracked thru -
luckily I still have #3 - I head back out and within a half hour - bracket that box attatches to upper rod - cracks
ended the day - now have too cannibalize them to get one working one - and have to send #1 back
Felix at Fisher saved it once before - hopefully he can do his magic again

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