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Started out SLOW but picked up at the end! Ring Daddy #16

Got out EARLY today as I wanted to hit the beach before all the vacationers started packing themselves in. There was absolutely zilch up at the top of the slope, and I didn't even wanna consider the soft sand (at least until the beach rakes were done, there were cans and bottlecaps everywhere up there (great job folks, way to clean up after yourselves...)). On my return leg I was lower doen the slope and the targets started appearing. One spot I got into had $5.00 in clad quarters all in a 10' x 20' area, and little else there. Someone must have lost a whole pocketful there!

The gold ring rang up as a bit of a wobbly 18 on the EQX. I expected a clad penny but was much happier with the ring! Pretty heavy at 6.75 grams for it's size. I also found a small 4.35 gram piece of a 10K chain and a tungsten ring to round it all out.

Happy hunting all! (Capt Tom, enjoy the pictures!)

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