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Sand, sand, and more sand.....

......and aluminum........good grief. That about sums up my last three outings. If it were not for a generous sprinkling of aluminum to keep things interesting I may have lost my mind! I did learn one thing however, aluminum bits really are like snowflakes.....there's no two alike! There are no more low spots on the beach......They are high spots in disguise! The high spots you have to inevitably cross..... The air starts to get a little thin! Amongst the madness I did manage 4 earrings (all junk), 2 fishing weights (fresh drops.....haha), and two stainless steel rings. One ring a spinner, and the other ring with the words "her beast" on it. The former I may use for therapy until conditions improve, the latter just made me laugh because it's on the smaller size for a man's ring. This pirate is starting to get the shakes.......hoping to put my coil over something good soon! Great posts from everyone! Happy Hunting!!

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