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I used to be this happy go lucky guy that taught every person that asked how to beach hunt , not just how but where to go every time they asked , my phone would ring 20 times on a Friday night , I would let 5 people at a time go into a cut I found on my own and clean out all the gold ! I did not care , I just enjoyed the friendship , would you like to know how many times I got invited to hunt in a persons honey hole , just once , and he is the only guy I still hunt with ! So these folks you speak of that camp on me and never were my friend to start with , I say you should of been a better friend ! It's kind of sad really because I will never teach another person again ! The reason I find a hundred a year is because I don't need anyone's help to find gold and now I don't have to share! Also they do not participate on this forum they just watch and lurk to find out if im going to my spots that they don't know where they are anyway so why cant I have a little fun with them ! I always say it's the curse of the yellow metal , if you have been doing this a long time and have been burned my as many people as I have then you would understand a little better my I am the way I am!

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