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Made someone VERY happy today! Ring Daddy #15 and RETURN

Got a call from a buddy (who is also my contractor currently working on my house) who said a friend of his had lost his wedding band out on the beach, not far from my house. I got a pretty good description of where it was from them both and went out the following day to try to find it. Fortunately he had only been in the dry sand and in pretty much the same spot. Once I got there I started gridding and had it in the 3rd pass. Just where he said it would be! Wish they were ALL that easy.........

He and his wife came to pick it up today and she was very emotional. Apparently it had belonged to her late uncle she took care of and it was kind of a family heirloom that her husband wears now. She was very happy that they got it back. Glad to have helped them, he tried to give me some money but I told him the same as I have to others, I was:" just happy to help". :)

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