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Posting some different finds:Beach relics...

So these finds go back to March/April. Back when we were getting costal storms every week. One beach that has a wreck dating from the late 1860's on it opened up. Lots of cool finds added to the shipwreck collection. Total wreck finds from the last 10 years are somewhere over 15,000+ artifacts. Here are some smalls I never got posted up. Mostly percussion caps and small shells I eyeballed. A couple of wood pieces that once held spikes were eyeballed too. Like I said something different and playing catch up from earlier this year. Have jewelry to post but that is another time.

Also not a find but a save so to speak of. Lots of turtles on the move now to lay eggs and saved this box turtle yesterday from a main highway. Crazy how many folks don't stop to help...there are some that do. So yeah I'm the hunter helping critters too. Enjoy,Harry

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