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Excal Issue ?

Went to one of the local swimming holes this morning all set to dig in a new area for me. Got it the water and bleep, crackle, bleep. Dang machine kept cutting in and out something terrible to the point I eventually lost all sound . I'm pretty sure I've got a broken wire some where in the head set cable way it cuts in and out when I wiggle it. My machine is the older Excal 1000 with the yellow head phones. So now I'm wondering what to do? I sent it out to Minelab few years back during the winter and had it gone over, I think they had it 4-6 weeks?? Thing is I really hate to think of the turn around time now when should be out using it. Anyone here ever mess with the head phone cable on their machines them selves? Kind of undecided what to do..I do need it to be fully submersible because I do dive with it on occasion.
Any Help, Ideas and thought on directions to go would be appreciated.


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