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I'm looking at a new pastime in the near future

There's no denying that the detecting sport is taking more of a toll on me. Even a short couple of hours at the local beach takes a little more effort than it used to.
But, on the bright side, I have been interested in another activity for some time. I am signed up for a week long class in metal engraving with a fella by the name of Jim Downing
in Springfield Missouri. This guy can turn a knife or a gun into a work of art, and I'm sure he's well compensated for it.
This is a hobby I can do at my table whether its 95 degrees out, or -25 degrees out.
Coffee pot in the counter behind me, and my pack of pups nearby.
Don't worry, I intend to keep swinging that loop as long as I can, I've made some good friends over the years in the hobby. Hard to believe I've been doing this for almost 50 years.
If you'd like to see what it is I'm talking about, just go to Jim Downing Engraver on google search..
Down side is I could buy two 3030's for the price of just one "graver" as they are called. But, pay the man and get on with it.
Anyway, I'll be around for a while yet.
Today I get to go do a repair on a kitchen drain line for my daughter, not a simple plugged line, this involves removing some of the line going down to the floor in the basement and replacing the
bad parts without (hopefully) wrecking the line in the wall.
Rather be hunting Virginia beach or the Northern territories!!

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