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I need to trust it like my Excalibur but I am not even close to that point yet , only time will tell , but I will say that I spent about 4 hours in a specific location and dug about 10 period items out of the iron with my Excalibur yesterday, and today I took the NOX in to that same area for a test and it performed well in the heavy iron , pulled more targets then the Excalibur , not so sure on depth yet but I still need some more practice before I can say for sure! The one tricky thing I cant rap my head around is how loud small targets are down deep on the Excalibur they start out soft and get louder as you scoop down to them , the NOX seems to hold the same pitch so you don't know how close you are to the target unless you look at the depth meter ! OH Well HH Mark

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