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Re: Rethinking the Equinox.................

How do you think the 600 will work though on the smaller gold items? I'm running an Excal 1000 right now. Before that I had a 1280X I realize I've been over most my regular area's over the years quit often, so there are just less target. I do feel I found more small targets with the 1280X. Things like gold backs off of ear rings and the little post ear rings. I know my hearing is shot not what it was when I was running the 1280X. I'm not totally sure that even with as long as I've had the Excal I'm setting it up right? I talked to a guy some years back that said he knew old guy would do his own water proof on a fisher gold bug. Then found enough small gold before he'd drown the machine to just buy another machine do it again.
Anyway with the Excal I've always wondered if I'm missing the small stuff or it it's just not there. The talk about the Equinox caught my interest. I'm doing less of it now but still prefer a machine I can dive with not just wade.

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