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Rethinking the Equinox.................

I sold my new 800 to Mark the other day. I got to reading up on the 600, and it is being called the "unrespected detector"
The writer points out that the detecting power is identical on the two models, only the frequency and setting abilities is different.
So, I may give it another look and try that one. The ability to find gold chains and nuggets is not a factor, I ran the 800 over a stretched out thin gold chain, nothing, gold chains have to be "clumped" up to have a real chance at being "seen" by any machine, often its the clasp that is the giveaway.
The whole value of either one is how it can differentiate between targets that are close together, depth wise the 3030, rules with the excals
close behind.
Still planning on hitting the beaches in the northern territories around sept 4.
HH all

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