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Finally got out

I don't post often even though been coming here for several years now. Mostly I lurk and find inspiration looking at all the cool rings people here find. I've got all the regular excuses for not getting out detecting, Midwest winter being the main! That has past and to be honest it's some what quickly become sweltering. Anyway being a collage town on the river with now abnormally high temps. There have been days with couple hundred collage kids on the beach. They don't tipically have expensive things to loose..
I finally got inspired though to go dig a bunch of their twist off bottle caps and trash. Been out twice now first time was thinking it's going to be bust. Found some change, junk ear ring, turtle charm, the little pile on the left. Was headed back to the truck decided to swing the edge of the sand volley ball court. Found the little silver ring with the brownish stone. So that was my first ring for the year dry sand, small but a start.. Was out again the other day same beach digging usual pile of bottle caps. Not pictured.. About knee deep I found the little silver ring with the small opal. Not the big chunky gold stuff we all love but it's a ring.. What is it about rings? can dig a pile of change ok then get excited about one small silver ring. I also dug 3 big lead sinkers to me worth more than the change I found that trip.
The two little silver rings are now part of my treasure stash, even if I don't find another ring all summer.
Thanks for looking.

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