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Re: Just can't understand, thoughts on this

My thoughts as I am in this hobby longer is if you truly want to find the most cool things you have to be willing to dig everything when possible. So many targets are masked by other targets and or register the same. Agree like has been stated a nice size piece of gold will hit like a sinker or zinc cent. I saw a hunter on our beach a few years ago put "X" marks with a circle around them all over the upper wet sand. I dug them all up just to get them out of the area. True 25+ were zinc but one was a nice man's gold ring. I would rather dig less coins and more trash if it means more gold or something historical. With that said a know others and sometimes myself have just felt like coinshooting. If that's what you like I can't fault anyone's hunting preference. I guess it's good that not everyone wants to dig everything.

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