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5 Star Review for New Minelab Repair Ctr. in PA.

Just thought I'd comment on the excellent experience I had with Keith's team at Ft. Bedford Detectors new repair facility for Minelab called "Detector Center". Called Jamie first to get my RMA number and then shipped off my excal 800 back up. My on/off threshold pot and pinpoint pot were spinning past off with no clicks/switches catching so I figured I was looking at replacing both. Detector arrived Thursday afternoon and I got a call from John saying he had good news and the machine was all set and pressure tested. Pots weren't broken, the brass nut that holds the pots in place had just slightly loosened enough so that the tuning knobs were just missing the grooves on the pot posts. He fixed that and replaced all upper pot seals as well as end cap seals too. They could've easily told me both pots were bad and I wouldn't have known different. I also had them change out the front cap for a new one as the strain relief nuts for the battery cable and seearch coil had broken and were not seated flush and tight against the end cap. I think it was $16 for cap and new strain reliefs and 15 min. Labor. So for $130 including return shipping I have a like new factory spec tested excal blue 800 ready for summer. Hats off to them.
On a side note, I inquired if they would work on modified machines and the answer was YES. Jon wasn't sure if they'd get into re-wiring modifications because up until yesterday they haven't worked on one yet. Congrats to all you pirates tearing it up. I hope to be back in the water this weekend. I've been enjoying some recent land Hunting and new permissions to get my colonial fix out of the way. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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