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Last Friday i walked onto a local beach about 15 minutes after the sun came sneaking up out of the Atlantic Ocean. First target was at the upper reaches of the high tide. I actually saw the target just before the coil passed over it.

Picked it up and there were two rings two keys and two metal tags on a beaded chain. So into the pocket it went until i got home. First ring was a 10k with what appeared to be a bloodstone. Second ring was a High school class ring. With magnification i was able to determine that it was from a local high school.

The class ring was hall marked to indicate "Shadowcast" Lustrium. A black lustrium by Jolson. It also had a named engraved inside.

So my wife and i did some searching online and she found the young man on Facebook. We were also able to determine where the young man worked.

So I called the business and the young lady answering the phone seemed reluctant to allow me to talk to him and then she said Oh i see him walking thru. I spoke with the young man and made arrangements to meet him at his place of employment on Saturday.

They young man described every thing on the chain in detail. He was very excited to get his stuff back. He was especially happy to get the metal tag with FEAR not. His father who had served in the Marine Corp had made that tag.

While the Pirate in me wanted to keep the Gold my conscience sad otherwise. So i met him and returned the rings etc. One of the most polite young men that i have met in a long time made it a pleasure to hand him his stuff.

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