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Was there a few weeks ago with my new MX Sport (actually Surf Side Beach and the State Park Beach) but did not have much luck finding stuff.
Beach had recently been replenished and targets were far and few.
That new Equinox machine is the real deal for the salt water beaches.

Were the finds deep in the wet sand of in the dry stuff?

I have recently acquired a new Equinox 600 and have used it once on the North Beach here at Corpus Christi Bay.
I am very impressed with the Stability and Depth using it on the wet sand and in the shallow water.
Used the Beach 2 program with 50 tones ... noise canceled and ground balanced once upon arrival.
So far I am super pleased with the way it works ... just like I would expect a Minelab FBS to work here.
I have used Sovereign's, Explorer's, Quarto's, E-Trac's, and a CTX 3030 on these beaches so I know how the Minelabs perform in this area.
The Equinox 600 is worthy of the Minelab name and will perform right up there with all of them.

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